Why I’m Running

Our criminal justice system is broken. We lock up too many people, yet don’t keep our communities safe. We spend hundreds of millions of dollars, yet have the highest recidivism rates in the country. We talk about reform, yet perpetuate racial inequities in the justice system. All the while, a humanitarian and public health crisis plays out on our streets.

I’m running for District Attorney of San Francisco because there is a better way. A model grounded in compassion and progressive values, but one that keeps our streets and neighborhoods clean and safe. A model that ensures victims of crime get the justice they deserve, while defendants get the help they need to address the root causes of crime. A model that will make us proud to live in a prosperous, equitable, safe San Francisco. I believe in this mission and would be honored to have you by my side as we seek a new day for justice.

Help make Leif San Francisco's next District Attorney.